Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Party Decorations

In the midst of lots of birthday prep (over the past few weeks and on), Londyn learned to take off her diaper.  It was a week of firsts for her. She had her first olives, first vinegar soaked cucumbers (which she loved), first time taking off her diaper, first cake, first birthday, etc. etc. I also found her 4th molar and another tooth. She is growing and changing so much everyday.

The beginnings of something wonderful... guacamole for the party. Sam's specialty. He was such an amazing help with party prep.

I have been saving baby food jars for a few weeks now. I thought they would make darling party favors. (They really did.) I designed jar labels and a party banner to match the invites I did. I used illustrator, but I am sure if you don't have those skills you could either find someone who does or make them a different way. I filled the jars with candy, glued the labels on and tied some ribbon around them. The kids loved them and they added to the party decor!
Her party banner was simple. I designed the triangles two per page (again in illustrator) and had them printed at a local shop. Cut, fold over the top (so I had somewhere to thread the string) and hang! 

 After a long nap on a hot day (last thursday), I heard Londyn talking and playing after she woke up. I came in to find Londyn naked!!!! I was so relieved that there was no poop in the diaper. I went to put a new diaper on her, and found totally dry, rock hard poop on her bum... and of course learned that her diaper was full of poop and she had thrown it on the floor. Gross! She must've taken the diaper off near the beginning of her nap, because it was so dry! haha, gross, I know. Needless to say, I was so stressed I washed everything. And, luckily she never got sick or anything. We dodged a bullet there. 


  1. Lily is all about taking her diaper off during nap time and playing with her poop. I have to put her in a onesie now for every nap so that she can't get it off. So fun! :)

  2. I have to say the pic of guac didn't look so appealing after the talk of Londyn's poop! :) Funny.