Friday, August 5, 2011

A Day at "Our" Beach

On July 8th we went exploring. We had heard of a great lake near out house. We found it, and it was a happening place! There's a campground, with a playground, ping pong tables, a harbor, restaurant, boat rentals and more. But, best of all it had a little beach... a beach of our very own, right near our house! We had a hay day... well, especially Londyn. She was so brave in the cold water. She kept wanting to crawl deeper and deeper. She was eating sand and trying to lap the water. Gross, I know! 

 I love these pictures of me and Londyn (above) because they show how big she is. Sam always makes fun of me because I am a shrimp. She will pass me up in no time!
 Don't mind how ridiculously white I am. Bad, I know. If only there was a tan button I could click in iphoto. 
 I was pretty paranoid because there were little mini waves and this child is fearless. 

 Splashing away without a care in the world! Thank goodness we have a nice camera. I love how it captured the little splashes.
Don't forget you can double click on the pics to blow them up big!
 Maybe she's peeing in this one?! :) Regardless, I love it! 

 We had a really hard time getting her to look up so these few shots we got were so lucky! 

I wish it wasn't supposed to rain this weekend because we could really use another day at the beach!

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