Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday-- Day 3

I told you there were lots of birthday posts!

The day after her birthday, the landlords brought her up a gift! We waited until the evening so she could open it up with Sam, before she had her strawberry cheesecake, which was supposed to be eaten the day of her birthday! 
 Here is Londyn this morning in the adorable PJs the landlords gave her. They also gave her a pretty cute shirt. But, I couldn't get over these PJs. They are the best colors, I would totally pick them out myself. They also zip from the top and the bottom, so when you need to change a diaper, you don't have to unzip the whole thing. Pretty great!
 Slightly confused and curious as to why there is a cake with fire in it on her tray.
 Sam cut her a dainty slice.
 She would barely touch the slice until we gave her a fork and spoon. Londyn is very into forks and spoons these days. She is using her new princess fork and spoon from Mimi and Poppy!
I think she liked it! 
 After a while we decided to give her the whole cake, which she had fun with. She dug into it a ton with her fork and spoon and when she was finished with it, she tipped it over onto the floor and it landed upside down in a big mess. I should've gotten a pic, but I was too busy cleaning it up!

Another successful birthday-day. Her birthday week just kept getting better and better!

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  1. Those pajamas are awesome! I love your banner you made. So talented! Londyn is spoiled ;)