Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beach Baby, Mallorca, Spain

 Here's our little Londyn basking in the sun on the beach in Mallorca, Spain. I finally got some adorable photos of this dress that her Aunt Jourdan and Uncle Josh bought her in Hawaii. Londyn was so cute crawling up and down the sand and through the water in this long, flowy beach dress.

(By the way... today is this little angel's birthday. She is currently taking a birthday nap. Many blog posts to come of birthday activities and one year photos. I can't believe our baby is one.)
How can you not be this happy when you are on a vacation with mom and dad... in Spain! Even with no sleep, and getting woken up a million times she was a perfect little travel companion for us. 

My favs are these where she is soaked in water and sand. After this, the dress came off and the we played in the water for a while. She is a total fish. She loves the water and even the waves! 

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