Thursday, August 18, 2011

barn kitty

 Londyn is an animal lover. She laughs out loud when dogs wag their tail, or kiss her in the face and she always gets so excited when she sees animals. Whether it is the horses on our street, cows, birds, or all of the many CATS we have in our neighborhood, she is smitten. It must be kitten season because there are little kittens all over this place. To be honest it sort of grosses me out, but because she loves it so much, I think it's kind of cute. 

 Usually these cats are skiddish and run from people, but there is this one little gray and white kitten that literally came out of the barn and walked all the way over to Londyn's stoller on the street. I was in shock! It seems to love people. 
 It isn't afraid of Londyn and Londyn can crawl towards it, touch it or pet it and it doesn't get scared.

 We saw the kitten two days in a row. That orange cat was afraid and didn't stay for long, but the little kitty stayed to play. 

Londyn sobbed both times I finally put her back in the stroller to finish our walk. I feel so bad... like we should get her an animal, but I really don't want one. Especially while we are in Germany. An animal and 3rd floor living doesn't mesh too well. Sam said that if this little kitten followed us home he would let her keep it.. even though he is allergic. haha. Luckily it decided to stay at at the barn. 

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