Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 doses of total CUTE!

Before I get to my next very important blog post I wanted to post a few adorable pics of Londyn (cause I never do). I just uploaded all the videos and photos off my phone and these are some of my very favorites of the little angel.

 taken on July 24th... her 11 month bday.
 Wearing her new cutesy tutu from Mimi and Poppy Hawkes. 
 The day londyn went to nursery for the first (and only) time. She went for the whole two hours and kept her headband on the whole time. 
Wearing her new and adorable jammies from her Aunt Jade.
Londyn's birthday suit. A shot taken during diaper rash therapy, apparently she loves to be naked! 

This last weekend we found a THIRD molar in Londyn's mouth, then two days ago I found another tooth popping through. So, that makes her 11th and 12th teeth coming through. Needless to say she has been teething, very needy (but so sweet), sam has been teaching her what a dog says (she is especially good at the panting part), cat noises, horse noises and has also been teaching her to say "hey dude!" She also folds her arms for prayers... but only sometimes.  She is looking forward to turning one in 6 days!

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