Wednesday, May 19, 2010

strollers, trucks and helicopters

I will be 26 weeks this Sunday! Crazy how fast pregnancy flies by. Londyn is finally starting to take up more tummy space. I can feel her up near my ribs now... and my ribs ACHE at night when I am trying to sleep! We have lots of baby items and we got the car seat and stroller we ordered. I am soo excited because it is a baby jogger travel system. We have already taken the stroller out on a test run. It has three big tires.. perfect for off-roading.. she's going to need a lot of good off-roading in her life.

Sam out at the flight line

Sam was born to be a pilot! He comes home floating on air everyday because he is flying so well (and because he has an awesome wife)! :) He also got a new truck.. we love love it! It's a four door so there is plenty of space for the baby. Sam asked me the other day if he could put her car seat in the truck already! Cute anxious daddy.

This is the helicopter Sam is learning to fly right now. Still really complicated but a little simpler than the advanced aircraft he will learn. Which will hopefully be one of these bad boys...

I leave next Monday, May 24th for Utah.. and I will be in Arizona, Idaho and mostly Utah until June 23rd. Excited? Yes, but a little sad to leave my really cute and great husband for that long. Not to mention Sam might not recognize me when I get home because I will be so HUGE! ah!

24 1/2 weeks
(I am fully aware that my butt is as big.. maybe even bigger than my tummy.. I might as well be growing two babies.. eek)


  1. Your belly looks like its getting smaller to me!!! You look great!

  2. If your butt is big, I am in BIG trouble! You look so cute!

  3. you are the cutest! i miss you, we need to visit each other soon!

  4. lex you are so dang cute! I love reading your blog and watching ur progress with the little one! I can't believe you are already more than half way done! Yay for mommies to be!