Friday, April 16, 2010


Silver Cross European Buggy from Courtni and Shaun. We Love it!! They are too good to us! xo
(This is the stroller that I pushed through multiple airports from LA to Alabama.. w/ no baby.. totally embarrassing!!)
19 weeks
(I am skipping 20 weeks because I never took a picture.. oops!)
On Easter Sunday (after conference.. duh) Sam and I went exploring.. we found the MOST beautiful park I have ever seen... right here in our town. There are walking trails everywhere, a lake, fish, a bridge, benches, swing sets, BBQs and pavilions.. it's huge! This pic shows just a little bit of it's awesomeness.


  1. Cute stroller! I am getting a bassinet stroller too! I love them! You are so tiny with the cutest baby belly! :)

  2. cutest baby belly lex!! you look darling. i'm so excited for your girl!!

  3. You are the cutest lil preggers lady! So teeny and cute.