Tuesday, April 27, 2010

22 Weeks Pregnant & A Husband in Flight School

Like my fellow blogger and friend, Alison, I started the morning out right... with two breakfasts. Two breakfasts is definitely the way to go, especially when your lil one is over a pound and almost a foot long!! The morning started out on a good note... but went downhill very quickly. On my way to work, I spilled my second breakfast (a smoothie) ALLL over myself and our new car. I was drenched in smoothie and so was the console and in-between the seats.. ughh. A total disaster. Soo, I did what anyone would do.. I pulled over took off my shirt and started sopping it all up so it wouldn't ruin the car. Then I drove home, detailed the car, did laundry and finally made it to work... only a couple of hours late. I am going to blame that whole incident on pregnancy, though we all know I probably would have done it anyways.

I am now, happily blogging, selling combat boots like a champ and eating my midmorning snack (A Nature Valley, sweet & salty pecan bar.. I suggest you all go find a box.)

Last night Brooke and Trent came to our house for dinner. Sooo much fun!! We just love them... Wish we lived a little closer than 6 hours.
My adorable husband in his flight suit!! He has his nickel ride in just a few days. This is his very first training flight where he will pay is IP (Instructor Pilot) a nickel minted in his birth year. The nickel ride dates back to World War II and it's a little piece of history that Fort Rucker keeps going. (I obviously forgot the story.. I can't even hold a cup w/o spilling. Incase you didn't know your brain shrinks when you are pregnant.)
Me @ 21 weeks. Yeah.. I look like I am about to explode. We had just gotten back from a dinner at Outback complete with a bloomin onion.. which we finished. I look like I am like 30 weeks. eEEK.

Me @ 22 weeks.


  1. Man!! Sorry about your second breakfast!!! A couple months ago I was going to my sisters how for dinner and I brought a ziplock bag of raw chicken and put it in the center console...by the time I arrived at her house the entire bag had leaked its nasty juices all in the cup holders and seeped into the console. It was a disaster. Then our car smelled HORRIBLE for like a week!!

    I love your belly!!! So cute!

  2. Oh My Goodness you are adorable!! Your belly is so cute and you still look tiny! Sometime I'll have to email you (so as to not show the entire world! :) ) a photo of the day I delivered...I was HUGE!!! Sorry bout the spillage! Don't worry, it seems like once the baby arrives your mind comes back right away! :) Congrats to your hubby!

  3. i want to be with you guys! miss you so much right now. and SOO excited about naming her londyn...LOVE IT! she is going to be the best.

  4. that would be so awful to spill your smoothie in your new car i would have freaked out! good work with how you handled the situation.
    SO I LOVE the name LONDYN she will be such a cutie. and, can i just say that in your recent prego pic that you don't even look pregnant anymore but where the baby lives in your tummy. you are so cute!

  5. Look at that bump! SO CUTE!