Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life is TOO Short.

You better believe that today I moved a little more carefully, drove a little slower... was a little more on time to work (not all the way on time.. just a little more than yesterday), held my cup A LOT tighter and even had time to "smell the roses" while driving to work today.

(P.s. I bagged the two breakfast idea.. I figure I was getting a little greedy.. one successful breakfast is good enough for me.)

I say the phrase "Life is too short" quite often... and in reality.. I don't wish to stay any longer than I am supposed to. I am cool with what God has in store for me. But I do think time is flying by faster than ever. I imagine that with each passing year they fly by even quicker than the year before. Which is somewhat of a scary thought. I am so excited to be a mother because I want to take a few steps back and live through those childish eyes that are so tender, sweet and innocent. Me and my little Londyn are going to be besties. Because I will probably love her toys more than she does. I will probably want to spend ALL day in Toys R Us when she is ready to go home, and she will probably just want to play with her friends when I just want to play with her.

This morning while driving to work.. I passed a BIG fort in the front yard of these two darling boys that live in our neighborhood. I am going to start taking pictures of the things they do.. because there is always something out in the yard (Good thing the HOA isn't too on top of things)... a couple weeks ago it was a homemade tent set up in the yard... an Easter egg garden.. toys everywhere.... but it is so much fun to see! These two boys are always out riding bikes and playing in the bushes and trees. It makes me wonder what their make belief life is really like. Oh, the joy of being a child.

These two little boys are almost always dressed in their ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms)... literally it is the cutest thing ever.. Most the neighborhood is military and can you just imagine how fun it is for these little boys to dress up the way their Daddy dresses everyday for work?! It makes me happy just thinking of these children and the imagination and joy they bring into this world. I'm thinking about getting Londyn her own set of ACU's. I might just have to put a big bow or flower on her head when she wears them... maybe I'll sprinkle some glitter on her cheeks as well... just so nobody confuses her with the boys.

A talk by President Thomas S. Monson said, "Who among us has not praised God and marveled at His powers when an infant is held in one’s arms? That tiny hand, so small yet so perfect, instantly becomes the topic of conversation. No one can resist placing his little finger in the clutching hand of an infant. A smile comes to the lips, a certain glow to the eyes, and one appreciates the tender feelings."

It's interesting because I can attest to this very quote. I have a friend that comes to visit me at work and she always brings her baby with her. He is such a good little boy and he will just hang out in his car seat while we chat. I have seen every type of soldier and man come in when lil Logan is on the floor and EVERY single one of them stops and talks to him, smiles at him and just looks at him. I have watched Columbian soldiers, Saudi Arabian soldiers, Norwegian soldiers and our own American soldiers stop and just hang out with Logan. As I watched all these different types of men from all over the world, there was no question in my mind that babies are something so special and they bring a feeling of God's love with them when they are born. No one can deny it.

I started out with "Life is too short" because it is too short to not live everyday to it's fullest. If we could be humble, imaginative, creative, non-assuming, non-judgmental, slow to anger, slow to be defensive of ourselves, our ideas and our opinions, and quick to love, forgive and show kindness to those around us... essentially if we could live looking through the eyes of a child our lives would be more fulfilling and more joyful. I know this is nothing we haven't heard before. But I urge us all to be a little sweeter to our husbands, friends, family, parents, neighbors... and to plan a camping trip in our living rooms this weekend!!!!

I can't wait until our little one causes all sorts of disasters...


  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and loved this post. And you are going to be such a wonderful mother, I can't wait to see it! Or at least read about it.

  2. I love this post! So, true. I'm so excited to be a mama too. I find that I sometime get a head of myself planning all the things that my little buddy (yes, still no name picked out.) and I are going to do. I think being a mother is going to be such an amazing blessing. I love the name Londyn! Such a cute name! Your belly is so cute too! It's kinda fun to see how it grows. Every week you feel so big and then you just keep getting bigger...the one time you are happy about it right? Anyway, this comment is getting too long. Glad to see things are going well! :)

  3. Okay, so I'm commenting again cause I just saw your post. Yeah, can't believe only 38 days left! Crazy! We ordered our stroller! I am getting a bassinet one too. They are so cute huh! Seems like you are flying through your pregnancy as well!

  4. how's that little girl comin along?? wait so is her name London? i am out of the loop but that sounds like a perfect name for the little peach

  5. Hey! That's totally the name we have too, for..if...we ever get a girl! Love it! You're looking great! Hope all is well!