Thursday, March 25, 2010

LA, Destin, FL and a Survivor of SERE!

Remember when I blogged like forever ago and told you about my small town and how I needed to get out of town? Well.. it happened.. and for quite some time. I left and have been crazy busy. I will write again with more detail. But for now here is a quick summary of the last month and a half!

We had a white February 12th. The snow stuck for two days and we counted probably 20 snowmen within a mile of our house. They shut down all the school and the Army post. Apparently Southern, AL doesn't know what to do when it snows!

We celebrated a little bit of Valentines Day. I made homemade Valentines, decorated the house and made heart cookies for a darling little Sunbeams.
These are the Valentine's I made for my family. I had a lot of fun with these and they were super easy. I used an ink pad to antique the edges. My talented, crafty Aunt taught me that trick!

We went to Destin, FL for an Army retreat. It was beautiful and wonderful to be somewhere else. I love clean hotel rooms.. and living out of a suitcase. Not kidding.

Sam left me for SERE school.. he also came back to me :) He was an amazing soldier out there. He went with out food for awhile, got roughed up.. and learned a lot of cool things. He also came home with his SERE stache! I am so proud of him.

While Sam left.. I snuck away to California. I stayed with my amazing sister, brother-in-law and baby Jett. I love them all so much. I was with them for 15 days. I worked for Neff (Shaun's company).. and just hung out.. we went to the beach one weekend and played outside. I got to spend lots of time with Jett. Courtni gave me the most amazing british carriage. (I will post a pic later)... Courtni also gave me my very first maternity clothes for my birthday. Ct. and Shaun are just way too good to me. We made it to the LA temple which was awesome.
Courtni and I in front of the LA Temple.
Me and Court with our baby bumps. Mine is way bigger than hers.


  1. I'm really sorry Lex, but I don't think we can be friends anymore....since you came all the ways to CA and didn't even come VISIT me!!!! I'm just kidding, but time, ok! ;)

  2. Tear! You are too nice! That was fun, so
    fun we only took 1 pic together...oops. Not even one on our Santa Barbara weekend...wooops. Xoxo