Wednesday, February 10, 2010

small town. small life.

Life as I know it is.. well.. at best not exciting. I love my life and wouldn't change it for anything.. but, our lives are just mellow. We don't have a lot going on. As a matter of fact.. I am dying for a vacation. I need the beach, warmth, something other than this tiny town that has been sooo cold lately. Lucky for us we live two hours from the beach and I am already planning two trips. One is beach camping in Destin and the other is a trip to Orlando.. I will go alone if I have to. For now an update from a girl living in a teeny, tiny, southern town without a pressing schedule:
  • I made banana bread. We ate two loaves and the other two went to neighbors/friends.

  • I am learning to quilt. This quilt.. if I ever finish it will be going to the blanket drive.

  • I just finished The Hunger Games and I am now dying to read the 2nd and 3rd books.
  • I watched Pride and Prejudice with two friends a couple of nights ago. We were prepping for our reading of Zombies.. the book we are reading this month in our book club.
  • Last weekend we had dinner at a nice seafood restaurant for our friends birthday. I threw it all up.
  • We also had a fun super bowl party at some of Sam's buddies' house. They made BBQ pulled pork, we had all sorts of dips, chips, treats and it was a good time. Although, I must say the super bowl was not that entertaining this year. The game was great but the commercials and half time show were not impressive. Guess the economy's gotten s all down.
  • Our little one is now just over two inches long.. oh and when I was at friends house.. her golden retriever sprinted toward me and jumped right on my prego belly.. I had little mini cramps and was totally stressed out. I said like three prayers and everything is fine now :)
  • Yesterday, I started season three of Army Wives with a fellow Army Wife, Kelly! We watched four episodes. We had an array of treats. Quite embarrassing really. Rice krispy treats, muddy buddys, chocolate cupcakes, butterfingers, fruit snacks, M&Ms, chips ahoy... and more. It was bad, but so good.


  1. I am glad you read Hunger Games...I couldn't put it down, or the second one! They are so good. :)

  2. i love you so much. come visit me geesh!

  3. i am so happy you watch army wives because i love that show!!!!

  4. No alone-come visit us!!!! Seriously-anytime!

  5. your army wives feast reminded me of our "fat nights" in the KH when we'd get dairy queen and make tons of food!

    sam's army training sounds so intense i can't even get over it.

    i am so happy you have a little fetus in there! i'm curious where it's all going to fit; you're so tiny!

  6. lex- i decided we need to go to destin together!! i love destin and we have been dying to go to the beach as well!!