Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Weeks.. Yesterday

Every Tuesday is my week mark. So, yesterday I was officially 10 weeks. The lil baby is 1 1/2 inches long. A few little facts about my prune sized fetus... it's bones and cartilage are forming, the little arms (complete with elbows) can flex already and it's teeth are forming already!

This picture is at 9 weeks.

An update on the baby's daddy: Sam is busy and I already feel like I never see him. When he starts flying it will just get worse. Flight school students undergo a lot of stress, with little sleep. As he begins the flight training he will be getting up sometimes at 3 or 4 in the morning.. memorizing manuals verbatim, doing projects and taking tests.. our neighbor just finished a map project that ended up taking him a total of 50 hours. Sam will probably start SERE (Survive, Escape, Evade and Resist) school on March 1st. He will be gone for three weeks with no phone and no contact with the outside world. They are taught to survive outside on the land alone.. they will find, kill and eat whatever they can (bunnies, snakes, bugs.. etc.). They will be chased and are expected to escape.. they will ALL get caught though and then are expected to use their skills to resist and eventually evade questioning as they would if the were prisoners of war. My only comfort is knowing they are taught some crazy skills and there will be a helicopter on standby to pick up anyone who gets really hurt or messed up out there.


  1. So exciting, on little baby!

    And Lex, I always knew you were a 24 fan, but I didn't realize you went and married the next Jack Bauer! Gosh, that's crazy! Good luck Sam!

  2. YEAHHH!!!! You, my friend, are going to be the cutest prego lady EVERRRRR. We will have bumps together!! Im about 16 weeks along. Middle of month 4 now. woot woot. How are you feeling? I was dying at your stage. If you cant sleep or have morning sickness take a Unisom (swallowing kind not disolvable) and a B6 vitamin. I swore by it. Still do actually. Anyways, glad I ran across your blog. Love your face

    Love, kelly Bentley (aka Mullinax)

  3. Haha I love the comment about you marrying the next Jack Bauer! That is hilarious. Except Jack Bauer isn't actually REAL, but your hubby is. That is crazy what you were describing. Also, congrats again on your pregnancy!! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet the little rugrat.

  4. That training sounds tough, but like you said, it's good that he's getting it. Look at your little prune! So cute and exciting! I hope you're feeling good and gaining some lbs!

  5. sam is crazy! nate would seriously love to do this crazy SERE training. we are always watching bear grylls freaking out about the stuff he does. plus nate sometimes wishes he could be some kind of jason bourne as a job. that little prune is so small and i love it. keep feeding it and growing so well