Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're in the Army

Me and my friend Cinthya
Friends and Family Day for her hubby

Sam is in the Army which means I am in the Army. We live amongst Army people and the activities we do often times have to do with the Army. Fort Rucker is home of Army Aviation and it is a cool place to be. A while back we were able to attend our friend's "Friends and Family Day." This is a big day for the flight school guys. They get to demonstrate the skills they have been learning and practicing like hovering, landing, flying, etc. Families have an opportunity to talk to their helicopter pilot in the flight tower. They learn on these lil choppers first before they get assigned their special helicopter (Chinook, Black Hawk, Apache, Kiowa, etc.).
Another exciting note.. Sam had Dunker Training yesterday and he passed. Dunker is a one day school where they are taught how to survive a helicopter crash in the water. They are put in a cock pit, dunked in a giant pool and turned upside down. They learn how to use special equipment and experience a simulated crash. All the training they do actually saves lives and I am stoked Sam is able to be doing this and doing it the right way. He will be prepared for the worst and he'll be strong. Army Strong.

Sam says, "dunker is aka HOST.. helicopter over water survival training. They strapped us into a cockpit and put black goggles on us so we couldn't see, dropped us in the water and flipped the helicopter upside down and we had to get out.. it was fun except for all the water going up my nose."


  1. just got caught up on your blog. your hair post cracked me up! i just got mine done in idaho and was nervous they'd give me a huge utah poof or something. also i think you need to post pictures of your elf costume. you can't just mention that nonchalantly and not post pictures! you're hilarious. it sounds like sam is a perfect match for you! that helicopter training sounds quite intense. i always think about what would happen if my car went into the water though. maybe he could explain it to me sometime :)

  2. ALEXIS!
    I'm so happy you have a BLOG. You write the cutest posts ever. I want to have some of those homemade FRIES. They look delicious! Your husby is so cute to surprise you like that.
    Hope your doing well. Miss you lady!!
    xoxo LAce

  3. sam! be careful geeez. i love your car and everything about you two! i miss you soo much already. call me!

  4. lex!! why havent i seen u in forever!? that picture is not so cute of me but of u definately!!!! p.s. i think i figured out the comments thing on my page!! so yea! oh n send me those pictures....NOW!!!

  5. Alexis! it has been so long! I am loving your hilarious posts! especially the hair post. so funny. You and your husband seem so happy, and seem to be adapting to the south just fine. It was so good to get caught up with you. Hope you are doing good!

  6. Hi - would it be okay to mail you a screener for the new season of Southland on TNT for possible review? Let me know! -