Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elfing all the way to Utah

After the chaos we finally fit all the presents in our suitcases just like a perfect little puzzle.

This year we had two families to think about for Christmas. One is so simple and easy, but two, and especially one with 8 children is a lot to think about. We also flew so we had quite the time getting presents home to Utah. Our guest bedroom turned into our own mini Santa's workshop. We had two "I'm going to London for 3 weeks" sized suitcases packed with presents, no clothes or traveling necessities, just presents. We also had like 1o other presents shipped to my parents house in Bountiful. We felt like Santa's elves and loved every minute of it!!

I will also mention that the night before we flew home I created my very own elf outfit. I died my clothes green, cut a red dress and pearled it so I had an elf robe and I made the prettiest elf hat you ever did see. I traveled all day in it, surprised Alison and Erik in provo with a singing, Christmas gram and danced in the snow for my little nephew Jett.

P.S. The bed in the background of this pic is yours!! Can you believe it? It's so comfy and you will even have your very own bathroom. Come stay with us!

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  1. oh lex i miss you!! i wish i got an in-person singing christmas gram from you in your elf outfit-- i can only imagine! love you.