Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Eve/Sam's Birthday in Utah!

Family pic after Sam opened his goodies

Sam in his new b-day Jacket. cute.


Sam and Jett. Love both of them.

December 24th was special this last year. Sam turned 27! We spent our 1st Christmas together and we were able to get time in with his family and mine. We were able to see the Nutcracker with my family in Salt Lake. Sam, me and my Dad fell asleep.. oops! We also went to his Mom's house in Sandy for the MOST wonderful feast. I was so excited about all the food there. Just about anything I have ever declared as my favorite food she had prepared. She had shrimp and cocktail sauce, homemade Gyoza, a platter of sushi (which I ate w/o knowing I was prego.. oops again), chips and the best salsa/avocado dip, meats and cheeses for sandwiches, huge platters of fruit and veggies... I am sure there was more.. but I can't remember everything cause there was so much! We opened presents and spent the evening with his family. Then we went back to my house and had a birthday party for Sam! He got lots of nice gifts and Jourdan even made him cold stone cupcakes for a special treat!


  1. oh lex i am SO excited for you guys! you have to call me and give the details!! i can't believe i! he/she will be the cutest thing ever !

  2. Hey! So, I found your blog looking at other blogs...anyway...I just wanted to say congratulations on being pregnant! Yay! When are you due??? Your post before is funny can SO relate. I found myself craving Taco Bell and KFC...what?! I keep thinking the same...I'm pregnant...I'm not weird. Haha. Anyway, I'm excited for you two! You are going to have one cute baby!


    oh..and our blog is

  3. Shaun & I look like we could use a Prozac injection in the group shot. Live your blog, just found the link of alison's! Ha. Now that you're bloggin, ours is ancient history...oops.

  4. My Sis-in law talked to her Dr. about Sushi and he said it's fine, as long as you don't have it more than once a week :) Isn't that wonderful? They are only worried about the mercury, so there are a couple fish you should steer clear of- but that doesn't mean sushi in general :) Love and Miss.

  5. i kept eating sushi, just cant have the raw stuff or the tuna. but there are plenty of other rolls at places that are similar to the sumo that dont have tuna or raw stuff. i love your enthusiasm for any holiday, it is so contagious. love you!

  6. Aw, I miss the Hawkes Nest family! & 24 parties! & Garden of Eden, Avacado picking adventures! Love ya!