Monday, January 25, 2010

a burn.. an itch...

To update the blog? I think all the time of subjects I want to blog about.. stories I have to tell and things I feel like talking about.. but usually I think.. do people reeeally want to hear about all this crap? Well, by now I don’t remember any of those wonderful blogging subjects anyways.. I just feel like writing a little something.
I am at work, sipping a Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut herbal tea. Yep, herbal! Mmmm.. with brown sugar and a shot of cream… I feel like I am at the cozy coffee shop down the road.

I often times apply my mascara.. (Maybelline, Great Lash.. pink and green bottle) without looking. I don’t like wasting a lot of time in front of the mirror (especially these days!!) and so I figure that If I am talented enough to do my mascara w/o looking then I should be able to do my mascara while driving. I am totally focused on the road.. I don’t pose a hazard to anyone else on the road (most the time).. so I’m justified. Well, today I think I lost track of myself and I may have been putting mascara on for about 5 consecutive minutes of my drive to work. Needless to say, by the time I got to work and checked myself out.. I had very large black spiders.. claw like things on my eyes.. After who knows how many coats of mascara, I had totally over done it. Guess the only hazard I am is one to my own good looks.

An update on us. Sam is finally beginning the whole "flight school process." He is two weeks into Junior Officer Professional development. He's had one test and has a second today and has been learning Combatives.. I couldn't be more proud of my little fighter. Together we attended a reception last week.. officially welcoming his flight school class into the program. We also attended (for you Army Wives fans and actually know what I am about to say) an FRG meeting. It's a Family Readiness Group where the wives, spouses and soldiers can get together to plan socials, events and keep each other updated. These groups come especially in handy when the Unit is deployed which thankfully won't be happening while they are attending flight school. I still sell combat boots, I eat a lot of potatoes these days, and I haven't been to the gym in two weeks! We're also the Sunbeam teachers (3 year olds) for our church. We get a kick out of our wild class. Yesterday... a little tiny, blonde girl who literally looks like a precious moment doll screamed, "TEACHER, I FOUND an ANT!!!" I told her to kill it and her and couple of others started attacking it with marker tips.. on the floor... oops! Ruined markers and a colored floor. Sam asked the class, "Who wants to help me pick up the crayons?!" This same little girl raised her hand, very enthusiastically and said, " I DON'T!!"


  1. That tea looks SO GOOD! I'm gonna go get me some of that! I love your Valentine's blog decor! xoxo

  2. do you people really want to hear about this crap? hahahaha i love you so much, you seriously are so funny. i'm sure glad you posted about the mascara applying while driving. i can just picture you rockin out in your car happy as can be, applying mascara all over your face.